Our Free Services

It’s our goal to provide anything you need so that you feel informed, empowered and supported. Our professional medical staff and trained advocates are here to offer you medical care, options counseling, and a caring, confidential presence as you make your pregnancy decisions. You are not alone. Come in today to see us and get connected with anything you need to thrive.

Pregnancy Tests

An appointment in our clinic always includes a free pregnancy test. Our urine tests are administered by medical professionals. If your test is positive, we are able to help you determine your due date, answer any questions you have, and discuss having an ultrasound. Upon your request, we can provide an official written confirmation of your pregnancy. No matter what your decision is about your pregnancy, this verification will help you apply for assistance programs and pursue medical care.

Options Counseling

We have a strong team of trained staff and medical professionals who are available to listen and advocate for you. They offer a caring, confidential, non-judgmental presence as they partner with you in navigating difficult decisions about your pregnancy. Our medical staff can provide pertinent medical information about your options so that you can be confident as you make your decision.


We offer a free limited ultrasound to help you confirm your pregnancy and determine fetal heart rate and estimated due date. Every ultrasound is performed by our medical staff and reviewed by our licensed medical director so you receive the best quality care.
An ultrasound will tell you how far along you are, which determines what type of abortion procedure you would have. It would also confirm if miscarriage has occurred, which would deem abortion unnecessary.

Community Resources

We believe in the power of coming together with a holistic approach to support you in your unplanned pregnancy. That’s why we work together with 75+ community organizations that provide everything from housing, medical services, clothing, parenting classes, addiction recovery resources, and more.